Shovel Knight Arrives On PlayStation April 21, Plague of Shadows Expansion Revealed

Yacht Club Games has announced Plague of Shadows, a new expansion for Shovel Knight coming for all platforms. They also revealed details for the game’s upcoming debut on PlayStation consoles, as well as the Shovel Knight plush.

The game is coming on April 21 as part of Sony’s Spring Fever sale, for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Vita. Yacht Club went all out, giving the game PSVita Back touch, PS4 Light bar excitment, Cross-Save, and Cross-Buy. Of course, as has been heavily advertised, you’ll have a surprise fight with Kratos, but the game is otherwise untouched.

For the Plague of Shadows expansion, you play the Plague Knight, master of alchemy. He quests to create the Ultimate Potion, the Serum Supernus. Surprisingly enough, this quest will force him to take on his former allies, the knights of the Order of No Quarter. Don’t fret, because there will also be new bosses to match the new story and the Plague Knight’s new play style.

Finally, the Shovel Knight plush doll is available for prepurchase at WeLoveFine for $ 28. You can order yours here.