Rumor: The Division Gearing For Public Alpha

Data mining seems to have revealed that Tom Clancy’s The Division is going to go into alpha soon.

Thanks to the tenacious efforts of fans, they found a version of the official website’s frontpage that shows that there will be an alpha link coming up soon. There is also apparently an entire section of the site dedicated to the alpha. For their part, Ubisoft have yet to respond to this story.

Interestingly enough, just last month an insider who is part of the ongoing internal alpha claimed that a huge open beta would be coming up. This beta would be opened up for the purposes of extensive testing, to avoid the issues that plague online game systems, and continue to be prevalent in games today.

Of course, an alpha and beta aren’t quite the same thing. Ubisoft Massive and Ubisoft Reflections opening up the ongoing alpha could mean that they are putting a focus on fixing the game’s online systems early, because from what our source has said, the game is still buggy, and doesn’t even look that great yet.

That source also hinted heavily at the game possibly getting a huge delay, so perhaps this is a way to cut down any such delay.

Knowing the game is still at a very early stage of development, would you be willing to play this game’s alpha? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Tom Clancy’s The Division is coming 2015 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.