DayZ Creator Says Crowdfunded Devs Need to be Held Accountable

The maker of DayZ, Dean “Rocket” Hall, has called for crowdfunding accountability in the wake of a few high profile failures such as 22Cans’ Godus. Earlier today, it was revealed recently that The Stomping Land’s developer had gone quiet after a year of game development. 

Given that DayZ is a Steam Early Access product, Hall is uniquely suitable to comment on the issue of crowdfunding accountability to customers who pay for products but never receive them.

Hall did not elaborate further on the issue, but presumably, he means for fans and the media alike to raise awareness on crowdfunding failures-to-deliver. 

Despite the efforts companies like InXile (Wasteland 2) and Obsidian (Pillars of Eternity), as well as smaller releases like Darkest Dungeon, a sizable chunk of crowdfunded games never deliver on their promises. This is a problem that needs serious addressing if the public is to have any faith remaining whatsoever in crowdfunded game development.