Ken Levine Talks About Villain Design

Ken Levine, the creator director of BioShock Infinite, has delivered his thoughts on the designs of villains in his forthcoming title.

The industry veteran explained to Gamastura:

When I was working on Andrew Ryan, the two things that were most formative to me were reading [Ayn] Rand, and then I watched a documentary about Joseph Goebbels. It wasn’t his evil that struck me, it was the fact that he felt like such a victim. Even though he’s obviously a villain, in his mind, he wasn’t. Everybody’s the hero of their own story; if you can’t find something that makes them great, you don’t have a tragic character. These [are] characters that struggle between their view of the world and their realities of the world. There’s that dissonance that turns them into an antagonist for the player. It’s not just because they want to be.

Ken Levine is indeed one of the most respected developers within the industry and his thoughts on BioShock Infinite's villains are undoubtedly intriguing. We can't wait for the 2K-published game to hit store shelves, but it's feared that it'll be released during the latter stages of 2012. Still, it'll be worth the wait, right?