Upcoming Law & Order SVU Episode Villainizes Gamers

NBC has just released the trailer for an upcoming episode of Law & Order SVU that revolves around video gamers. The upcoming episode (Season 16 Episode 14) , titled “Intimidation Game”, is scheduled for broadcast on February 11. 

Here’s the synopsis of the episode: 

“Video game developer Raina Punjabi (Mouzam Makkar) ignores warnings from online predators when the release date of her game arrives soon. When a female employee is soon assaulted at a game convention, the detectives ask Punjabi to halt the game's release. When she refuses, the detectives must protect her.”

I can’t help but feel like the episode’s script was ‘ripped from the headlines’, as it were, based on recent events within the video game industry, blown up to ridiculous proportions as only TV is capable of doing. 

Based on the trailer, it’s safe to say that gamers will be villainized by the script. Watch it below.