Hello Games Announces Joe Danger: The Movie

joe danger

Hello Games, an indie start-up from Guildford, England, and the creators of Joe Danger have come together to announce their new title. Titled Joe Danger: the Movie, the game is intended as a "kind of sequel" to Joe Danger, but also "something entirely new."

According to Sean Murray, managing director of Hello Games, Joe Danger: The Movie will be unveiled to the world at Gamescom Cologne, and PAX Prime.

Sean explains: “Joe has become a success by the end of the first game, and this one starts with him being discovered by a mysterious Hollywood director. Picture every film you’ve ever loved as a kid, from Rambo to Short Circuit to the Goonies, all cut together into some crazy montage, and that’s basically the script for our game."

The game will allow players to create their own action film scene by scene, performing every stunt themselves. Creating probably the most ridiculous action sequences ever made, players can perfect every stunt to thrill the audience, or crack them up with your failed attempts.

Hello Games has not yet revealed which platforms the game will be developed on at this point in time, but it wouldn't be too surprising if they went with Steam with the healthy state of the PC gaming industry.