The Sims 4 Getting Genealogy, Professions, More In 15th Anniversary Update

Maxis has revealed the latest expansion to The Sims 4, just in time for the game’s 15 year anniversary. They recently revealed a new Get Back To Work, but have also added a new Genealogy feature.

The expansion adds several professions to the game, including being a doctor, being a cop, and a scientist. These professions each come with different tiers and specializations. So, you could be delivering babies or performing surgery, or working your way up the police ranks from cadet to chief.

You can also run a business, and here’s where the game gets really flexible. You can go the retailer route and manage stores like bakeries and bookstores, and along the way, pick up skills like photography and baking.

As for Genealogy, it expands the backstory of your Sims in a very special way. Think of how you can, in real life, hire a service to find out your genealogy for you, so that you can retrace your roots, and maybe find out if you’re related to someone famous.

This new Genealogy feature works in the same way. With it, the game will establish and reveal the connections between several generations of players. It helps when you named several Sims across different generations the same name, and to discover family connections between Sims you didn’t know existed before. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this uses old saves from older games, but it’s still a cool new feature.

Maxis hints at even more reveals for the 15th anniversary week of The Sims of what’s in their expansion. What would you like to see added to the game? Share your thoughts in the comments.