Hack Your Wii With a Letter Bomb

If you're partial to getting around those pesky things like firmware restrictions and EULAs to hack the video game hardware that you own, there's now a new softhack method of getting at the Wii.

Using the Wii's Messageboard functionality, the LetterBomb bypasses some of the Wii's security restrictions by making use of an SD(HC) card, the Wii's WiFi MAC Address, and a tiny amount of time! Assuming, of course, that you're running the Wii firmware at version 4.3.

These guys have gone to kind of ridiculous lengths to make this thing as easy to access as possible. You hit up their website, follow the link, input your MAC address, and they drop a custom-tailored zip file into your lap! I've never seen anything quite like it.

Thanks, Dtoid!