Kena: Bridge of Spirits Will Have A Photo Mode

Kena: Bridge of Spirits just dropped today, and fans can start going through this new video game from developers Ember Lab. While we had plenty of trailers and announcements leading up to the game launch, it was just yesterday that the developers slipped in one more feature reveal. Included in this game will be a photo mode, which we see several studios offer in their latest video games.

We didn’t receive many details about the photo mode, so it might not be as robust as others out there. However, the photo mode, in general, was unveiled through the PlayStation Blog. Ember Lab’s Thomas Varga posted that the studio brought in a photo mode that allows players to capture moments with different characters. Much like other photo modes in video games, players will find that time will stop when this feature is selected. Characters will remain in place and focus on the camera.

From there, you’ll have the ability to move the camera around to capture your desired image. According to the post, there is also an option to unfreeze the characters and do different poses. From the screenshots supplied within the PlayStation Blog, players can adjust the camera’s focus, height, and zoom. It also looks like you can have all the characters strike a pose, allowing for some more unique photo captures.

As mentioned, Kena: Bridge of Spirits just launched today so that players can dive into the gameplay right now for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. For now, if you haven’t picked this game up, then you can check out the launch trailer for the title in the video embedded above.