Quantic Dream Might Be Working On A Star Wars Game

quantic dream

Star Wars video games will always have a following. For years the IP had been under control at EA when it came to developing video games. That came to an end with Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment’s announcement working on their own Star Wars game. Lucasfilm is seemingly open to the idea of having multiple studios working on Star Wars video game titles. Outside of the folks behind The Division franchise, developers Zynga also have a game coming out called Star Wars: Hunters.

We don’t know just who all might be working on Star Wars game yet. After all, EA might not have an exclusive deal anymore with Disney, but they’ll likely continue working with the IP going forward. We can point to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, one of the more popular Star Wars games to come out from EA having control of game development. With its popularity it wouldn’t be surprising to see a sequel come out. However, a new rumor is circulating online that developers Quantic Dream is working on a Star Wars project. This comes from two industry insiders so far.

One of the industry insiders that is being quoted online is a French YouTube channel, Gautoz. Likewise, Tom Henderson, another credible industry insider, posted an image of Detroit: Become Human with lightsabers. The rumor has it that Quantic Dreams studio is working on a contract with Disney, and most are assuming that they will be bringing out a Star Wars video game title in the near future.

We know that the studio has been wanting to work on more projects and even publish titles. However, we haven’t heard from the studio in a good little while now. The past works from Quantic Dream not only include Detroit: Become Human, but there’s also Beyond: Two Souls along with Heavy Rain. Perhaps this is the same kind of gameplay style we can expect for this supposed Star Wars project. That would mean a very narrative-driven storyline that also focuses on player choice. Although, for now, we have to label this all as a rumor until the official announcement comes out.