Guild Wars 2: Sylvari Race Showcased

ArenaNet has published a new video promoting Guild Wars 2, this time showcasing the new Sylvari race. Like the Charr, Norn, Asura and the Humans, players will be able to take on the role of Sylvari characters in the upcoming fantasy game which takes place many years after the events of the first Guild Wars.

The new Sylvari is an elf-like plant race that originally started as humans with pointy ears. Since their inception, they have become an “expression of the land” which marries the aesthetics of fantasy and nature.

Looking less like painted humans with pointy ears, the Sylvari are born from trees and share some of the anatomy of plants, with eyebrows of leaves and other plantlike takes on human anatomy.

It might be easy to compare the Sylvari race with dryads, or even elves, of preexisting fantasy lore, but as it stands, they are rather distinctive.