Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Was Almost A Guest Fighter In Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is quite the iconic franchise, and for decades, fans have been enjoying the games. While the video game franchise has countless beloved video game characters unique to that series, it’s no stranger to guest fighters. As a result, we’re used to seeing several other franchises making an appearance in Mortal Kombat. However, recently there was a big surprise reveal on one particular character that narrowly missed the opportunity of showing up.

Ed Boon, the man behind Mortal Kombat, recently alerted fans of how close we almost saw a Twisted Metal collaboration. Ed Boon shared on his Twitter account that decades ago, there were talks of having a Twisted Metal arcade game for Midway Games. After reflecting on the past, the developer also alerted followers that Sweet Tooth was close to being a guest fighter in Mortal Kombat video games.

The character was almost a guest fighter more than once in Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately, we don’t have any reason why the character never made his debut on the popular fighting video game series. Still, there has been plenty of talk about the Twisted Metal franchise once again. We know that a television series in the works could spark an interest in bringing the video game franchise back. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the IP since the PlayStation 3.

With the power of the PlayStation 5, it would be interesting to see how a Twisted Metal game would look. However, we don’t know of any official game being developed right now. If this IP gets picked back up, perhaps we’ll see talks of bringing the Sweet Tooth character onto the next installment of Mortal Kombat.