Sly Cooper Made A Cameo During PlayStation Showcase Trailer

We’ve heard rumors in the past for the Sly Cooper franchise. This past month there was a big circulation online that Sly Cooper was going to make a return. One of the significant events that happened in which we likely would have seen a Sly Cooper revival announcement was the PlayStation Showcase. The entire stream was full of upcoming video games and projects, but there were plenty of notable titles fans found missing. Unfortunately, the rumored Sly Cooper video game was among the missing titles that didn’t get a highlight this time around.

However, while we didn’t get a new Sly Cooper video game announcement, we got a small franchise cameo. It’s something fans might have missed, but you can catch the franchise emblem during the live-action PlayStation Showcase trailer. Among the different easter eggs, there is the IP emblem found within the city streets. It’s small and blends in well within the environment. However, some fans quickly spotted the easter egg and started to share it with others online.

The Sly Cooper franchise has been dormant for a good while. Our last time receiving a new video game installment came in 2013 with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. That was for the PlayStation 3, so it’s interesting to see that Sony decided to give that franchise, in particular, a nod during the PlayStation Showcase trailer. While it’s very well that the easter egg is nothing more than just a nod to the past franchises, others find this symbol is adding fuel to the revival rumors.

Again, we don’t have any specific details about the game franchise right now. However, there are rumors a revival is coming, and now Sony has teased the IP through the latest live-action PlayStation trailer. For now, we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation to come out. Are you hopeful that Sly Cooper gets another chance with the latest PlayStation console platform?