Target-Exclusive Rosalina amiibo Sold Out in Record Time

The third wave of amiibo, set to arrive in February 2015, features a number of store-exclusive characters. We already know about GameStop's Shulk, Best Buy's Meta Knight, and Toys R Us' Lucario. There's one other that I failed to mention when it was originally announced: Rosalina & Luma will only be sold at Target. It's probably a good thing that this slipped my mind, because I would have felt terrible if I let anyone down by hyping yet another figurine they couldn't buy.

Sure enough, pre-orders for Rosalina are already closed, but what makes this situation different is just how quickly those pre-orders ran out. According to NeoGAF, the product page began accepting orders at 2:35 AM Pacific… and stopped 35 minutes later! Most people are asleep at the time, meaning only the hardcore collectors and / or scalpers would be at their keyboards with their wallets ready. Pre-orders did open back up for Lucario (before selling out again), so hopefully Rosalina will return at a more reasonable time.

Nintendo claims that it will restock amiibo that sell out too quickly, but again, don't sit back if you are interested in any of these guys.