Total War Arena Reappears with Closed Alpha

Sega and The Creative Assembly's Total War Arena has re-emerged with news that players can now sign-up for a closed alpha.

Arena was announced back in March 2013, and the free-to-play PC strategy title allows players to form two teams of up to 10 players. Each player controls three groups of warriors led by noted generals from across history such as Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar – these commanders then level up as you play. 

In-game purchases will allow you speed progression and customise units. 

“We have spent time since the announcement evolving both the gameplay and the supporting technology, to ensure we deliver smooth online service for multiplayer gamers,” Arena project lead Gabor Beressy commented. “We are excited to say that the game is now in Closed Alpha, and we welcome feedback from players to inform the next stages of development”.

You can sign up from the game's closed alpha on