Playstation 4 in China Features an Awesome Dragon Paintjob

Sony's Playstation 4 console is finally coming out in the Chinese marketplace, and boy is it beautiful. While the normal version of the Playstation 4 will be available to consumers, a very special iteration of the console will be offered. This limited edition console features some very cool dragon artwork on its body, and will probably go the way of the 20th Anniversary Playstation console, which can be seen selling for obscene amounts on eBay and other marketplace websites. It's probably going to be extremely difficult for anyone outside of China to get their hands on this console, so you can expect it to sell for even more than the 20th Anniversary Playstation 4. This limited edition Playstation 4 will cost gamers 2,899 RMB or $469.

The Playstation Vita will also be making its appearance in China, and while it won't come equipped with dragon artwork, its carrying case will. The limited edition PSVita carrying case has the same dragon artwork featured on the limited edition Playstation 4. The price of the PSVita with carrying case will be 2,899 RMB or 1,299 RMB or $209.

So, if you've got a penchant for collecting and a few extra bucks to spare, maybe it's time to hit up your friends in China. That said, you could just roll the dice and hope that you find an eBay auction featuring the new Playstation 4 that isn't going to break the bank. We're sorry to say that you probably won't come across one of these at a low price point.