Tomb Raider Won’t Rely Heavily on Quick-time Events

The E3 showing for Tomb Raider featured several quick-time events. However, Crystal Dynamics has responded to fears by saying the reboot won't rely heavily on QTEs.

Creative director Noah Hughes told GameSpot:

Quick-time sequences is something we will leverage in the game. One of the things which is absolutely important to us is to deliver an intense and cinematic experience. At very specific times, we feel we can do that best – while still delivering challenging gameplay – in a quick-time type event. Having said that, it really isn’t the primary tool that we use to deliver drama during the game.

Hughes added:

As our first space, that one relies a bit heavily on the quick time tools. But ultimately, that’s a small sweep of our dramatic gameplay experience.

It's a shame Crystal Dynamics failed to show any proper, action-filled gameplay footage of the forthcoming reboot at E3. However, when said footage does come into fruition, it'll surely be worth the wait. Tomb Raider is due for a release sometime in 2012.