Day of the Tentacle Special Edition Dated for 2015 Release on PS4 and PC

The classic point-and-click adventure game from LucasArts, Day of the Tentacle, is getting a release as a “Special Edition” for the PlayStation 4 and Vita alongside its PC, Mac and Linux counterparts in early 2015. 

The game was announced by Sony and Double Fine Productions at the PlayStation Experience event.

According to Tim Schafer, the game will be joining Grim Fandango and Broken Age as PS4 releases, with Grim Fandango being dated for a January 27 release. Broken Age, which remains as yet unfinished (only the first part was released on the PC earlier this year) will be completed in early 2015. The game’s second act will complete the game. 

LucasArts was rumored to have been working on a high-definition version of Day of the Tentacle a couple of years ago, until Disney closed down the studio.