Tsunoda Says Kinect Experience is Not About Precision

Microsoft‘s creative director Kudo Tsunoda has said Kinect experiences are not about precision.

Although Tsunoda admitted to the fact that the Xbox 360's motion sensor isn't the most accurate of devices, he did tell Edge:

No matter what, if you build an experience for one type of platform or device and then bring it over to another one, it’s always going to play better on the platform that it’s built from the ground up for. I think you see with Kinect experiences today it’s not about precision, but if we made Kinect experiences like track and field in Kinect Sports and had you running down the track using a game pad instead of Kinect it would not feel as good. I think that’s where it’s at.

He concluded:

If it’s built from the ground up for Kinect it will feel better than with the controller, if it’s built for a controller it’ll feel better than with Kinect, and I think that makes sense.

Kinect has proven to be a success for Microsoft so far with, to date, over 10 million units sold. However, complaints are mainly focusing on the software for the peripheral, which Microsoft hope to answer to via releasing several intriguing titles including Fable: The Journey, Ryse and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.