Netflix Has Started Testing Their Gaming Division

We have started to see gaming evolve over these past few years. Services have become a mainstay for getting into gaming. Everything from mobile devices to console platforms has some service attached. Whether it’s the Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, to Apple Arcade. Players can pay a monthly fee to enjoy an excellent catalog of video game titles. However, you might be surprised to find that Netflix is getting into the industry as well.

This was unveiled a good bit ago that Netflix would be offering gaming with their subscription service. However, it’s now finally coming to a market for testing. Poland is the first choice to market test this option out, and it’s pretty limited. The subscribers in the market can enjoy select android mobile games free of charge. As long as they are an active Netflix subscriber, games like Stranger Things: The Game is available to enjoy.

With these games, players won’t see any fees, ads, or microtransactions involved. This would be the whole gameplay experience without limitations. Of course, it’s just the start, and depending on the testing, we could see Netflix thrive on the gaming division. Already, the company has a massive audience for its streaming service. Since they have an audience, it could be a quick way to offer more features for being a subscriber.

Still, it’s uncertain how well this will evolve and when other markets will take part in tests. So while those in Poland can test this new feature out, we’re eager to see what games will get added into the mix. Likewise, this is only available for android devices right now, so perhaps we’ll also see the inclusion of iOS shortly.