Microsoft Responds to Corrupt XBL Moderator Video

If you’ve not seen the corrupt Xbox Live moderator video check it out at the end of the post. So here’s what happened, XBL user iTzLuPo V2 who claims to be as innocent as OJ, got his account banned by an aggressive moderator who reminds us of Leonidas(300) a.k.a The Pro, doesn’t give a damn about higher Microsoft authority, gives him the “This is XBL” and bans Mr. LuPo V2 for 2 weeks.

Microsoft has responded to the allegations through Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement for XBL, via twitter. Stephen said,

Yes I’ve seen the heavily edited video of The Pro. He was policing 10th prestige MW2 modding which results in gold account and console ban.
I did enjoy the the explanation about the audio being totally off/1 sided cause his “capture card went crazy” when its clear it was edited.

He admitted that the tone of the Moderator was a bit condescending and he’ll speak to him.

While I will speak to him about his tone, the audio is clearly recut to omit the threats and ToU violations the others were saying to him. The console banning statements he made were about 10th prestige and GS modding.

He also clarified the role of the Moderators,

We try to do our job protecting the service dispassionately, the Pro’s comments about console banning were out of context and referred to modding.

He finally closed the case and thanked for bringing it to his attention so there you have it another case solved by Microsoft’s very own XBL detective Stephen Toulouse.
Check out the video in question below:

UPDATE: Here’s the unedited video