Hogwarts Legacy Fans Believe They Spotted Nearly Headless Nick

Hogwarts Legacy fans are keeping a close eye on everything launched to market the title. As a result, we’re seeing plenty of focus on past content released for this game. For instance, one fan spotted a massive spider in an art piece recently. Now fans are combing through the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy, and they might have uncovered a fan-favorite character. The novels, along with the cinematic movies, showcases ghosts that roam around Hogwarts regularly. One of the fan favorites is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.

However, most will know him as Nearly Headless Nick. This wizard had initially attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The lore unveils that Nearly Headless Nick was a wizard of the royal court where he had a magical mishap. This caused an improper decapitation in 1492, which has left him with a head barely attached to his neck. Now, the individual can be spotted roaming Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry within his former sorted house, Gryffindor. Today, we’re finding fans have spotted a ghost within the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy.

Since this game takes place well after the character’s death, the timeline suggests that this character should be somewhere within Hogwarts. While the trailer shows a glimpse of a ghost, most find that the likeness goes with the character portrayal in the Harry Potter cinematic films. We could very well see Nearly Headless Nick throughout the game, but how much we’ll get a chance to interact with the character remains a mystery.

We’re still waiting for more information to come out for this game. Still, fans are spending plenty of time deep-diving into the lore to see just what could show up in this upcoming video game since we know it’ll be set in the late 1800s. One example is speculation of who the antagonist might be. Some suggest we could be following a narrative centered around Loxias.