Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Which Edition to Buy?

We're only one week away from the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare release. While the games official launch date is November 4th, those who pre-order will get a 24 hour head start on November 3rd in the "Day Zero Edition" of the game along with a host of additional pre-order digital content. Beyond that, there are several other "Editions" of the game which range in price and bonus content including some neat physical items.

The "Day Zero Edition" is the bonus you get for pre-ordering your copy, and is just your basic copy of the game with a few extras. Here's what's included in the "Day Zero Edition": As mentioned already, you get 24 hour head start on Monday, November 3rd but also on that day you get double XP.

  • Two weapons: the AK-12G Assault Rifle and CROSSBOW-B2

    • AK-12G Assault Rifle is a Brass plated and advanced AK rifle
    • CROSSBOW-B2 is a brass plated crossbow and probably a useful secondary weapon
  • Advanced Arsenal – which gets you two in-game items

    • Custom Exoskeleton – bullet brass themed
    • EM1 Quantum – energy weapon

For those looking to just nab the cheapest "Day Zero Edition" before the November 2nd deadline, you should know there are a three retailers offering real world/monetary bonuses in addition to the early start date and digital goodies:

The Microsoft Store Deal for Xbox One & 360 Owners

You get the Day One Edition with a a $10 Xbox Gift Card or $15 in Xbox Live Rewards points for Xbox Live Rewards members. Signup is free for Xbox Live Rewards, but you'll have to have matching emails for your Xbox Live and MS Store accounts.

Bonus: get free release day arrival shipping if you pre-order before Thursday, October 30th at 2PM Pacific. The MS Store is Xbox One and 360 only.

GameStop Deal for PC Gamers (Steam Key)

GameStop has the PC digital version of Advanced Warfare (which is essentially a Steam key) for $50.99 after discount code PCD15PR at 15% off. Not a bad price for a Triple-A title. Pre-ordering at GameStop ensures you get the†key immediately after purchase.

Best Buy for PS4 & PS3 Owners

The large retailer offers the Day One Edition on all platforms with $10 in "My Best Buy" Rewards. While you can't get release day arrival shipping, you can choose to pick up the game in store on the Nov. 3rd release date. Probably the best pre-order option out there for PS4 & PS3 gamers.

Walmart For All Others

Walmart doesn't come with any additional bonuses but they do offer the Day One Edition on any platform with release day arrival shipping. It's unknown how long before the November 3rd release date you'll have to pre-order, but it will probably near the 10/30 date that Microsoft cuts off release day arrival shipping.

The "Advanced" Editions

Pre-ordering any of the better-than-basic editions of the game will get you all the content contained in the "Day Zero Edition" and then some. These are not sold at all major retailers, but you will find them in stock online at GameStop and even Amazon though some editions are sold out there.

Atlas Limited Edition: This edition starts out at $79.99. The Edition gets its name from the The Atlas Corporation – a private military organization headed by Jonathan Irons who is voiced by Kevin Spacey and a recognizable figure from the trailer. This edition will get you digital and physical bonuses including:

  • Atlas Gorge Bonus Multiplayer Map – A revamp of the Pipeline map from CoD 4 Modern Warfare
  • Atlas Digital Content Pack – five Atlas Corporation themed gear items:

    • The Bal-27 AE Assault Rifle
    • Atlas 45 AE Pistol
    • Atlas Exoskeleton
    • Atlas Helmet
    • Atlas Player Card – An Atlas calling card and emblem used in Multiplayer
  • Five Bonus Supply Drops – Used in game for Weapon Loot, Reinforcements, or Custom Operator items
  • Single Player Exoskeleton Upgrade Token – gets you an extra upgrade or perk for your exoskeleton
  • Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Soundtrack – a digital item
  • Welcome to Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual – A physical booklet with concept art and game lore.
  • Collectible SteelBook – a physical steel case

Digital Pro Edition: This edition runs $99.99 and gets you everything in the "Day Zero Edition" and the "Atlas Edition" except the physical items. In addition to those you get:

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass – includes 4 DLC map packs and extra content (when they release).

Atlas Pro Edition: This is the behemoth edition of the game and gets you everything mentioned above for $119.99. Everything mentioned before is included in the Atlas Pro, most notably the Season Pass from the Digital Pro Edition and the physical items found in the Atlas Limited Edition. Put it all together, and you have the Atlas Pro.