Halo Infinite Will Allow Players To Punch Without A Weapon Equipped

Halo Infinite has been a highly anticipated video game title for a good while now. Now a select few are given the ability to try the game out. The latest flight for Halo Infinite is going on for multiplayer aspect of the game. While you can check out the newest footage online through countless video uploads on YouTube, there’s one clip you might to look at now. It looks like 343 Industries managed to include a nice little feature. Players can now punch without having a weapon equipped.

It’s a tiny little discovery, but fans are actually pretty ecstatic over this little addition. The player can use their fists to punch around without having to pick up an item. Naturally, this has led some to wonder just how this could be used for a custom video game map. After all, we’ve seen plenty of exciting fan creations. But, of course, it might be a bit difficult to pull off a kill with your fists in a giant multiplayer battle.

Still, fans are finding this little addition thrilling. Players could toss down their weapons and engage in hand-to-hand combat. For now, it’s a waiting game to see how creative players get with this new weaponless attack ability. Currently, the focus right now is for flight participants to test out the multiplayer gameplay. As a result, we’re bound to find even more interesting little details not highlighted in the past.

Currently, Halo Infinite doesn’t have a specific release date yet. Instead, Microsoft and the 343 Industries studio are aiming for the end of this year. Meanwhile, players can expect it for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms when the game does launch. Fortunately, there should be a ton of flight footage surfacing online over the next few days.