Battlefield 2042 Will Not Have A Ranked Mode At Launch

Battlefield is quite the popular competitive FPS, but you might be surprised the latest installment won’t feature a ranked mode. This is also surprising because the game is all about multiplayer. Unfortunately, those that want to enjoy the game with a ranked gameplay system might be out of luck at launch. Fortunately, there is a way to potentially see this mode brought into the game. If players are vocal enough about it, we should see Battlefield 2042 get a ranked mode added.

We’re finding out about the lack of a ranked game mode through a senior design director, Justin Wiebe. Justin Wiebe was interviewed on Battlefield Nation where competitive game modes came up. According to the developer, we won’t see a ranked game mode or esports mode with Battlefield 2042 at launch. However, the senior design director did take note that the developers are closely watching the community. Support for these modes could bring them into the game.

It would be surprising not to see something like a ranked game mode get added into this game. Battlefield 2042 is incredibly hyped and anticipated by fans. So to not have something available to really test your skills seems like a missed opportunity. Fortunately, that should be something the existing fan base of Battlefield will have some say on. Although, it’s uncertain if there’s enough chatter now to get the mode added before launch.

In other news regarding Battlefield 2042, we know that the Portal’s game mode will offer some weapon tweaks. It was unveiled that weapons from different eras could be balanced or kept with their historically accurate stats. If you’re interested in Battlefield 2042, you can pick up a copy for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms on October 22, 2021.