Battlefield 2042 Portal Will Have Two Weapon Settings

Battlefield 2042 is quite the hyped-up video game title, and one feature has plenty of fans talking. Of course, I’m referring to Portal, which is a mode where players can get creative. With this mode, players can grab elements from a variety of past Battlefield video game titles. There are even options to fine-tune these servers so it should be pretty interesting to see what comes out from these Battlefield 2042’s Portal servers. However, if you wondered what this means for weapons when you have different eras mixing, there are actually two options available.

The studio creative director for DICE LA, Thomas Anderson, recently spoke with YouTube content creator JackFrags where the subject of Portal came up. Thomas unveiled Historical and Official modes when talking about the different era weapons and how they would compare against each other in this mode. These modes will either help make things balance or allow the weapons to perform normally.

For instance, if players want to allow these weapons to be more balanced regardless of when the gun came out, players can select the Official setting. This makes things balanced across the line, so you’re not at a severe disadvantage with more primitive rifles than the more advanced weaponry available. However, if you want things to be a bit more chaotic and battle against each other with weapons and regular stats, you can select Historical.

Portal in Battlefield 2042 should make for some thrilling server and game modes. Fortunately, we don’t have too long of a wait before we can get our hands on Battlefield 2042. Currently, Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22, 2021, for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.