Age of Empires IV Trailer Shows Off Hundred Years War Campaign

Age of Empires IV just released a trailer for its latest campaign, which follows the Hundred Years War. The game, which releases on October 28 on PC, will feature four campaigns, of which the Hundred Years War will be one. 

Microsoft has said that AoE IV will “Return to history” and adds that, in the game, players will “Build cities, manage resources, and lead your troops to battle on land and at sea in 4 distinct campaigns with 35 missions that span across 500 years of history from the Dark Ages up to the Renaissance.” Apparently one of those campaigns will follow the Hundred Years War. Another description from Microsoft already implied this would be in the game: “Live the adventures of Joan of Arc in her quest to defeat the English, or command mighty Mongol troops as Genghis Khan in his conquest across Asia. The choice is yours – and every decision you make will determine the outcome of history.”

There’s no word yet on what missions, exactly, will be part of this campaign. The description on the trailer just says, “Reclaim France and lead Joan of Arc in The Hundred Years War Campaign.” My memory may be faulty, but I seem to recall Joan of Arc also played a campaign role in Age of Empires II. It’s interesting that both Hundred Years War campaigns would be focused on her, as she was just one part of a very long war (as the name implies).

Of the other campaigns in the game, we’ve seen that at least one will feature the Battle of Hastings of 1066, and the other will be a “Feudal” campaign (this will probably be the one to feature Genghis Khan), and the third will be titled “Rise of Moscow.” There will be eight playable civilizations at launch: English, Chinese, Delhi Sultanate, Mongols, French, Abbasid Dynasty, Holy Roman Empire, and the Rus.