Tales of Arise Crafting Will Have A Randomized Element

Tales of Arise is slated to launch later this year. Today we’re finding out that this game will feature a bit of a randomized crafting element. This news comes from a recent issue of the Game Informer magazine, which had the opportunity to speak with the project director, Hirokazu Kagawa. It was during this conversation that we got news about crafting and the lack of a photo mode. The takeaway here is that if you want to craft the best item to suit your needs then expect some trial and error.

According to the interview, Tales of Arise has a random results kind of element. Players can craft items to enhance them, such as a weapon or accessories. However, it looks like there will actually be some random results. You may have to craft the same item over and over again just to get the results you’re looking for. Unfortunately that might be a bit frustrating for players. When the game releases we should at least have some idea on results probability.

That’s not the only element that might frustrate some players. It also looks like Tales of Arise doesn’t have a photo mode right now. Although, it does look like the developers are giving it some consideration, so it might be something fans will need to rally behind if they want to snap some pictures with the in-game characters or backdrops. 

For now, it’s not a long wait for players to endure before they can get their hands on Tales of Arise. After getting delayed out of 2020 due to the worldwide health pandemic, Bandai Namco Studios is slated to release this game on September 10, 2021. When it launches, you can expect the title to be available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms.