GTA 6 or Vice City Remastered Hopes Fueled By Instagram Story

Hopeful Grand Theft Auto fans are speculating about Rockstar employees possibly doing Vice City research in Florida, thanks to a mysterious picture that popped up in an Instagram story. Given that the picture is supposedly taken in Miami, the city on which Vice City was based, players are hoping this is a new detail supporting the theory that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set in Vice City — or, if not, that a remaster of the game Vice City is on the way.

This speculation has come primarily from an Instagram Story of Tony Mesones, the music supervisor for Rockstar Games. He posted a photo of a palm tree-lined boulevard, allegedly in Miami, with the caption “Who said it would be cold???” Now, of course, of course, this could just be a Rockstar employee out on a vacation in a popular destination town. The evidence to the contrary is circumstantial. But let’s be honest with each other: Where’s the fun in not speculating? Even if this has nothing to do with GTA, then the worst-case scenarios are either that we’ve learned Tony Mesones had a lovely vacation, or it’s fake and we get to talk about how much we’re looking forward to GTA 6 some more.

The main piece of evidence that has fans raising their eyebrows is that Mesones apparently tagged the Story with the handle of Rockstar Games (your author was not able to independently verify the veracity of these screenshots, as Mesones’ Instagram account is private). One wouldn’t think someone wouldn’t tag one’s employer in a vacation picture.

An alternative to this being related to GTA 6 is that it’s related somehow to a Vice City remaster. While it’s not been talked about quite as much as the former, fans have been speculating about the return of Vice City after the popular “Vice City Remastered” mod for GTA V was taken down without any explanation.