EA Announces Grid Legends, a New Racing Title with Live-Action Cinematics

EA today announced Grid Legends, the latest game in the Grid series from Codemasters. This game will not only have racing action but will feature a live-action story about behind-the-scenes racing drama, filmed using extended reality techniques. The game will also feature over 100 cars and tracks, in addition to a race creator. The game will launch sometime in 2022.

The game will feature an in-universe documentary, which will play out in the game in live-action. The PlayStation blog on the game describes it thus: “Prepare to watch the drama unfold off the track, but also be ready to handle your business on it, as a unique racing story plays out – with you in the middle of it all.” The cast will feature three main characters that game’s senior designer, Becky Crossdale, told Polygon was “a classic underdog tale.”

The game will have a wide variety of cars and tracks on which players can race: “Continuing the franchise’s legacy of racing variety, over 100 cars will feature in Grid Legends, stretching from single-seaters, to big rigs, to classic touring cars, and plenty more.” It’ll also have 130 routes to race, ranging from real tracks to fictional ones created for the game, in locations including Indianapolis, San Francisco, Paris, London, and Moscow. “From purpose-built tracks, to high-speed ovals, to tight and twisty streets, the racing challenges on offer in Grid Legends are broader than ever.”

Grid Legends will also feature the Race Creator: “All this and more can be used in our race creator tool to create your dream racing event. Want to race single-seaters against big-rigs, in the snow, for 50 laps? How about putting multiple GT classes on the track for a rainy sprint around Brands Hatch? Go for it.” The developers are also bringing back Drift events, a fan-favorite feature.

Source: PlayStation Blog