Quantic Dream Hits New Milestone With Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream is a well-known video game development studio as they’ve been around since 1997. However, over the years you’ve come to know the folks from Quantic Dream in delivering narrative-driven video games. These are the types of games that rely on players in making quick decisions, moral choices, and successfully hitting the QTEs that pop up throughout the game. Now the company has announced that they’ve hit a new milestone for their latest release.

While it’s been a few years since they last released a game, Quantic Dream’s are celebrating the fact that their last release Detroit: Become Human, has successfully hit over 6 million units worldwide. This is quite the feat and it shows that there are still plenty of gamers out there who are just getting around to playing Detroit: Become Human years later. For those of you who might not recall, Detroit: Become Human had hit the marketplace back in 2018 and it takes players into a futuristic journey set in Detroit, Michigan.

Here within the game narrative, we’re following a world in which human-like androids were crafted up to make daily lives easier. Now the world is essentially operated with the help of these robotic individuals. They take care of children, security, mundane jobs, elderly care, fitness coaching, among other activities. The storyline taps into these androids as they become more conscious with players guiding the story through a series of choices. Since this game is so narrative-focus I’ll refrain from saying too much more outside of the fact that players will be able to play as a few different android characters.

Currently, we’re uncertain just what Quantic Dream has planned for next. In the past, it’s been noted that the development studio was interested in publishing titles as well so we very well may see more titles released into the marketplace with the help of Quantic Dream, rather than being developed in-house. In the meantime, if you haven’t played their latest release and would like a bit more information on the game and our impressions then check out our Before You Buy video coverage in the video embedded above.