Amazon’s New World MMO Patch Has Capped Framerate


Amazon released a patch to cap the framerate within the menu of New World. Currently, the studio claims the game is still safe to play.

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When it comes to the video game industry at the moment, it’s an exciting time but also a frustrating one. Because of the worldwide health pandemic that is the coronavirus, we’ve been dealing with stock shortages. The latest generation of video game console platforms are scarce to come across and the same can be said for a variety of PC components. Most notably the biggest component for a PC build is the GPU and if you managed to get a unit like the heavy-hitting RTX 3090, the last thing you’d want to happen is for the GPU to brick.

That’s unfortunately a reality that quite a few players are dealing with right now. The culprit seems to be Amazon’s upcoming PC video game release, New World. This is quite the hit if that proves to be true for Amazon but so far no official comment has come out to confirm this game is to be blamed. All we have right now are reports from users online that have noted their GPU has been killed off after running the beta of New World. Specifically, the GPU that seems to be the most problematic for the RTX 3090 lineup is EVGA’s. 

Reports online state that when starting this game up, the temperatures for both the CPU and GPU rose to alarming rates with GPU fans ramping up to 100% speed. From there the GPU bricks with players dealing with no display output. While more players chime in that their experience with the game beta has been seemingly tanking their system and leaving their GPUs unusable, we’re uncertain just what is officially causing this.

Perhaps we’ll get an official statement regarding this issue from either Amazon or EVGA but for the time being, it might be best to avoid the beta. Likewise, if this game is the culprit for the GPUs getting killed off, it would be interesting to see if the title will get resolved in time for its August 31, 2021, launch date. 

Source: Reddit, VGC