Don’t Expect Any EA Star Wars Game Announcements Until 2022

For years EA had exclusive rights to develop Star Wars video game projects but that came to an end as Ubisoft unveiled Massive Entertainment will be developing their own unique Star Wars video game. Still, with the announcement of Star Wars games being developed by companies outside of EA, there wasn’t anything to prevent EA from pressing on with their content. We can expect more Star Wars video games from EA but don’t expect any announcements this year.

A lot of attention is put on EA Play which is taking place on July 22, 2021. That has left fans wondering if we would see games like a new Titanfall, a reboot to Dead Space, and of course another Star Wars video game announcement. In particular, fans are wondering if we’ll get a follow up title from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn Entertainment. While there are bound to be some exciting announcements to come out from this EA Play event, you can’t expect anything in regards to Star Wars.

Announced through the official EA Star Wars Twitter account, the EA company has reached out to fans that there won’t be any new Star Wars games announced at EA Play Live. To go one step further, EA also made note that there is nothing to be unveiled until next year so we’re going to have a bit of a wait on our hands. Still, that should hopefully translate to big Star Wars video game content to be unveiled throughout 2022.

Whatever the case ends up being, fans who are wanting more Star Wars content should find 2022, and moving forward will be a thrilling time for these video game releases. After all, we might finally get some details about whatever Massive Entertainment is building up from the IP. In the meantime, you can check in on EA Play on July 22, 2021, to see just what else EA has in store for a grand unveiling. 

Source: Twitter