Report Claims Netflix Is Looking To Add Video Games Into Their Streaming Service

When it comes to the video game industry right now, there’s a ton of excitement. The latest video game console platforms just released into the marketplace with the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S platforms. However, those platforms are a bit difficult to come by with the shortage of consoles. With that said, there is a bit of a move to get gaming into homes that don’t require actual real hardware to run them. Instead, it’s been a move for the cloud-based game and it looks like there is a new competitor.

We have a few competitors when it comes to cloud gaming. For instance, you all know of Google Stadia, but there’s PlayStation Now, Amazon Luna, and xCloud or better known as Game Pass. Out of the mix, there is one particular service that is making some movement and headway which is Microsoft’s xCloud. Through Game Pass Ultimate, players can enjoy a nice large catalog of video game titles through the Game Pass subscription service, but with players only having to play the title through the internet.

If you have a stable enough connection, you could run the most demanding video games through the cloud which is quite the savings. Of course, that again demands a stable and solid internet connection. Likewise, you’ll come across some issues with latency, but we’re still in the early infancy of cloud gaming. As these services get perfected, there will be less worry about latency and you should be able to play whatever you like without any real issues. 

Today, we’re finding out that Netflix is looking to get into the cloud gaming scene. This comes from a report by Bloomberg which highlights Netflix entering cloud gaming next year. Not a ton of details has emerged, but if this all goes according to plan, then we might see cloud gaming open up on Netflix which already has a pretty large audience. Of course, it will be interesting to see just what video games will show up and how well the streaming service can adapt to video games, but it looks like this could be a real serious contender going forward.

Source: Bloomberg