Google+ Games Stream Confirmed

google plus games

Some of you may already be participating in Google's latest attempt at creating a social network, Google+. Needless to say, their attempt would be even more successful in its efforts to dethrone the reigning king, Facebook, were it not for a notable shortcoming—the lack of games.

That little shortcoming may be a temporary one, as Google+'s help document reveals references to a "Games stream." The feature remains to be implemented, but it looks like Google+ will allow players to share their updates from games.

It's not yet known whether the "Games stream" refers to games built into the Google+ service or if it will take an approach similar to Raptr by allowing players to send updates from client-based games, like Starcraft II and Dragon Age.

It's certainly a good idea on Google's part to separate Games-related updates into their own stream, as to prevent its users from being inundated in game updates, which has long been a problem with Facebook.

Judging from this, it will only be a matter of time before we see the likes of FarmVille make their way onto Google+.

Source via gamepro