Phil Spencer Compliments The DualSense As Xbox Considers Refreshing Their Controller

When it comes to Microsoft, they have been making some interesting moves in the video game industry. You could very well argue that Microsoft was trailing quite a ways behind Sony during the last generation of gaming. The announcement of the Xbox One was a disaster compared to Sony’s PlayStation 4. So right out of the gate, Microsoft had a pretty rough start. Then it was the line of exclusive titles that Microsoft had to compete with and as we got closer to the current generation of console platforms, it was clear that Microsoft would need to shake things up.

That’s when they unveiled all Xbox exclusive games would also be available on PC, from there it was a series of studio purchases to flesh out their first-party lineup, and then their Xbox Game Pass service received xCloud. Through xCloud, gamers could stream the catalog of Game Pass titles to their PC and smartphone devices. We know that this is just the beginning and Microsoft is bound to continue working on cloud gaming so that more players can enjoy Xbox video games regardless if they are playing on Microsoft’s console hardware, smartphone, PC, to perhaps one day smart TV applications.

With that said, when it came to the hardware side of things, Microsoft not only released two models of the Xbox Series lineup but a new game controller as well. Of course, the game controller itself doesn’t add anything drastically different compared to the likes of Sony’s current controller for the PlayStation 5, the DualSense. For DualSense owners, they have new haptic feedbacks which makes a more immersive gameplay experience.

Recently Phil Spencer was featured on the Kinda Funny Gamescast when he was asked about hardware. According to Phil Spencer, the Microsoft Xbox team is not looking at anything drastic right now like VR, but they did take note of the DualSense. Without confirming anything, Phil Spencer seems to have made a note that Microsoft is looking at the DualSense and seeing if there are some features that they should implement on their current Xbox controller. 

Source: VGC