Atlus Is Expanding As They Develop Persona 6

The JRPG franchise, Persona, has always had a big following over the years. Each installment brings something new in terms of the narrative and for the most part, it looked like the developers continued to find some notable traction with the IP. However, things blew up immensely with the launch of Persona 5, the latest mainline installment to the Persona series. This was such a massively popular title release that the development team is finding it quite an ordeal to reach new heights with the successor, Persona 6

That makes sense because again Persona 5 was a massive hit all around the world. We saw incredible review scores from critics and fans alike show up with this title. This was also a game installment that a lot of newcomers likely was first introduced to the Persona series so having a title to follow this game will be quite the challenge for the developers. Now it looks like the developers are ready to move on and attempt that Persona 6 video game installment.

After the Persona 5 spin-off titles, some fans might have been wondering if Atlus would bring Persona 5 onto other additional platforms. So far the main installment is only available through PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Regardless, Atlus has made note that they are expanding their studio to bring out more help for Persona 6. At least that’s what the reports are saying online after Atlus began their recruitment process once again. Within the recruitment page, there were developers from the studio offering their takes on Atlus and the work environment.

It was during the section from Naoto Hiraoka, the director for Atlus, that we got some Persona 6 confirmation. The director made note that exceeding Persona 5 will be difficult with the current staff and that’s why they are looking for more individuals to join the mix. From the sounds of it, Persona 6 might expand on several areas if it wishes to once again blow up in popularity. For now, only time will tell if this game has a chance of being as big of a hit as we’re likely a good long way off from any official unveiling.

Source: Comicbook