Reports Claims Last-Generation Video Game Consoles Are Becoming Difficult To Find

2020 was quite the year to get through. While things started initially well, the coronavirus health pandemic quickly swept throughout the world and caused all kinds of trouble. People were getting sick, there was a real fear of this virus spreading, businesses transitioned to remote work, unemployment skyrocketed, their quarantines, lockdowns, and a very anti-social movement that kept family or friends away. 

As a result, there was plenty of time left for players to dive into new video games and entertainment. Fortunately, there was also the announcement and the ultimate release of next-generation console platforms. While Microsoft and Sony didn’t get the year to market the console platforms as intended, they did both release the platforms within the holiday season. The problem was the difficulty to manufacture and shipping units out into the marketplace. We’re quickly approaching the holiday season for 2021 and still, fans worldwide are having a very difficult time just getting their hands on the likes of an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, along with the PlayStation 5.

What you will find is the growing stock of resellers flipping the scarce few units available into the marketplace. The problem here is avoiding scams and also the massive price hike to get a console unit. Things are not much better for last-generation video game console platforms. You’ll find the likes of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles just as scarce at retailers. This very well could be the problem of securing chips to put into these systems and that’s not an unreasonable assumption on my part.

There are all kinds of products out there that can’t seem to get different chips into plants. You’ll find anything from video game consoles to even vehicles being left waiting for chip units to arrive so that they can be finished off and sent out into the marketplace. Unfortunately, things might be tough to come by when the holiday season hits once again for gamers hoping to secure a new console unit. 

Source: Kotaku