Avowed Will Be Different Than The Elder Scrolls According To Xbox Head

When Microsoft was on their hunt for more studios to flesh out their first-party lineup they came up with a deal for Obsidian Entertainment which was quite the score for Microsoft. The studio was known for delivering RPG titles and it had plenty of fans thinking that this would be a great first-party studio to deliver some big-name hits. When it was acquired, we knew that Obsidian Entertainment was working on Grounded which is available right now, but alongside Grounded we knew that they had another title in the works called Avowed.

We don’t know anything about Avowed right now. The RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and came with a simple trailer that didn’t offer much but a slight look at the setting which looks to be a fantasy title a bit like The Elder Scrolls. This was a game highly compared to The Elder Scrolls which at the time, Bethesda was not announced to be acquired by Microsoft. Naturally, this has left some wondering just how the two studios would compare when The Elder Scrolls 6 releases alongside Avowed.

Now things are a bit more interesting for the mere fact that Avowed and The Elder Scrolls 6 are two games that will be released under Microsoft’s Xbox umbrella. Since Bethesda is now acquired by Microsoft, it looks like Phil Spencer is quick to dismiss the comparisons as the subject of Avowed came up during an interview with Phil Spencer and IGN came up on a recent podcast episode.

Speaking with IGN, Phil Spencer made note that Avowed will have some distinct differences when you compare it to the likes of an Elder Scrolls video game. Still, we haven’t seen much of anything about Avowed at this point and while it wasn’t present at E3 2021, it doesn’t mean that this game will be completely void of an appearance during this year. We very well could see some kind of an announcement or trailer showcase for the title later on before 2021 wraps. For now, it looks like Xbox fans are in for quite a few RPGs. We have The Outer Worlds 2, Avowed, Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls 6 to name just a few video game titles being developed right now exclusively for the Microsoft Xbox platforms or services from both Bethesda along with Obsidian Entertainment.

Source: IGN, Gamerant