Xbox One Deal: Buy a Console Next Week, Get a Free Game

Microsoft has announced on the Xbox Wire that anyone who buys an Xbox One between September 7th and 13th will be entitled to a free game of their choice. 

The disc-based game will be available from participating retailers and you can choose from the likes of Watch Dogs, Diablo , Titanfall, and Madden NFL 15

Also included in the offer is Destiny, which launches on Tuesday. This is a rather clever move by Microsoft considering the game's PlayStation-centric advertising for the open shooter and may move some undecideds who were waiting for Bungie's game to hit before jumping into new-gen. 

The Xbox One was released in Japan at midnight and reaction was rather muted but this deal may make up for it. 

It's worth noting that the deal is available for the cheaper, Kinect-free $399 Xbox One. If you're thinking of taking advantage of the deal, what game you looking for?