Todd Howard Pitched An Indiana Jones Game Back In 2009

There was a bit of a surprise reveal that happened earlier this year that you might have forgotten about. I only say that because we recently had an E3 event in which we got several video game announcements with the IP not being present during the event. I’m referring to Indiana Jones, a game being developed by the folks over at Machine Games. You might be familiar with the studio after they recently brought out the latest installments to the Wolfenstein franchise.

While the Wolfenstein games were well-received, the Indiana Jones title will be the studio’s next big release. We only got the unveiling of a game being developed by the studio with nothing prepared to showcase the title. The development process is still early on and we probably won’t receive much of anything in regards to the game receiving a trailer or gameplay footage for a good little while. However, there’s at least one individual attached to the project that’s ecstatic to be developing the game and that’s Todd Howard.

Todd Howard, a director for Bethesda Game Studios, is working on the project alongside Machine Games, but it was during an interview with Telegraph that Todd Howard unveiled that he originally attempted to get an Indiana Jones game going back in 2009. It was noted that Todd Howard spoke with George Lucas back in 2009 and pitched an idea for an Indiana Jones video game, but that didn’t come to fruition. 

Now, years later, Todd Howard was able to pitch another Indiana Jones game to Lucas and Disney with Machine Games developing. It looked like everything aligned perfectly and now the studio is hard at work with the game. We don’t know just where this game will take place in the Indiana Jones mythos or if this game pitch is the same idea that Todd Howard originally had in mind back in 2009. For now, all we can do is wait for another official announcement to come out to the public.

Source: Telegraph