Scrapped 1990s American Hero FMV Game Restored With An Upcoming Release

There’s a ton of video games out there that never got finished. For whatever reason, games just end up getting scrapped and never get any kind of an announcement or release into the marketplace. One of those games that were scrapped and not meant to be played was a title called American Hero. This was an FMV that originally was slated to release in the 1990s, but it was lost to time after the Atari Jaguar CD discontinued shortly after its release.

If you don’t recall the Atari Jaguar then it’s not that surprising. It was a console that was released back in the early 1990s but shortly after it received a CD component the console was discontinued. With that said, through the Jaguar CD we got CD-based video games although the catalog of titles was incredibly limited because the Jaguar CD was discontinued a year after its release. As a result, the game American Hero was eventually scrapped. This was an FMV project that had several actors joining in on the fun. Players would have been following the likes of Timothy Bottoms, Daniel Roebuck along Musetta Vander throughout this adventure.

Being an FMV game, it’s mainly a movie where you get to dictate what happens. However, since the game was scrapped, the files were never finished. Fortunately, there was a push to get this game back into the development cycle with the likes of Empty Clip Studios and Ziggurat Interactive. The companies were working on the project and even brought back Timothy Bottoms to supply some voice-over work to see this project finished decades later. 

Now the game is gearing up for a release but we’re still waiting on the officially supported platforms the game will be featured on. With that said, it does look like Limited Run Games will be producing some physical editions for this title as well. For those of you who love FMV titles or just want to dive back to the 1990s and follow a storyline based around a former American intelligence officer going against the odds in stopping a virus attack on a local water supply then this is a title you’ll want to keep tabs on. For now, you can check out the trailer for this game in the video embedded above.

Source: Gematsu, YouTube