Gang Beasts Crossplay Will Be Skipping PlayStation 4

Gang Beasts should be a game that you’ll likely recognize rather easily at this point. It is a pretty fun beat ‘em up the title as it tosses players into humanoid characters that will wobble around as players attempt to knock the opposing players out. With a variety of levels that are filled with dangerous obstacles, the goal of this title is to force the other players to their death. 

This could be knocking a character out and dragging their body off a ledge or into a pit of fire. Meanwhile, players can button mash and attempt to wake their fighters up in hopes of breaking free from their assailant and delivering their brutal blows. It’s a wacky game that’s made to be enjoyed with multiple players. However, if you were hoping to dive into the game with friends on other platforms then you’ve likely been waiting on a crossplay announcement.

Well, we have some good news and bad news on that front. Gang Beasts is getting crossplay which was unveiled this past week through the official Gang Beasts Twitter account. The developers confirmed that Gang Beasts would be available for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service along with being crossplay compatible between the PC and Xbox consoles. While fans would be interested in PlayStation 4 support, the developers stated that they would want to bring crossplay to the PlayStation 4 but it’s not feasible right now.

That’s not the only game as of late to get skipped over for PlayStation 4 crossplay support as we recently found that Borderlands 3 was not going to be featured for the Sony console platform. Right now, it looks like more developers are finding it a bit too difficult when it comes to checking all the boxes to get the game crossplay compatible. Perhaps more developers avoiding the PlayStation console lineup when it comes to crossplay will sway Sony is making some changes.

Source: Gamerant, Twitter