Forget Fallout 4: A Fanmade Fallout MMO Is Releasing September 5

Frustrated with the lack of details for Fallout 4? A fangroup is about to release a fanmade Fallout game, so you will have something to tide you over in the meantime.

FOnline: Ashes of the Phoenix has been in development for a few months. This work became particularly intense over the summer, in preparation for this moment. On September 5, 2014, they will launch FOnline’s public servers for everyone to download and play.

FOnline brings players to a new post apocalypse wasteland city, Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is being fought over by four factions, each with control over its four entrances.

You join the game as a member of one of the factions, out to scavenge and earn valuable resources in the city. You can take your chances on the open roads, or find paths and shortcuts under the sewers, through parking lots and others.

Everyone in Phoenix is dangerous, from small rats to ruthless mercenaries, but people from your faction will be there too. While you are hostile to everyone else, you can and should help out your colleagues, so that you can take control of different zones. The more zones your faction controls, the more powerful your faction, and by extension, you, become.

You can stay up to date on FOnline, and download the game when it’s ready, on their official site. You can also get more details watching their dev diary series here.