Phil Spencer Comments On Upcoming Fable Reboot

The Fable franchise is a massively popular video game. Microsoft is finally taking Fable off the ice and back into the marketplace for fans to pick up. This IP has been dormant for years now but it looks like we are going to receive a reboot here soon exclusively under Microsoft’s platforms. It’s quite an interesting title being developed as well since this is coming from the development studio Playground Games. If you’re not familiar with the name, these are the folks responsible for the line of Forza Horizon racing games, but it looks like they are getting a chance to work on this massive open-world RPG title.

We don’t know anything about the game yet outside of it being a reboot. There’s only been one trailer so far and it was cinematic so no gameplay was shown or any details regarding the premise. Still, there is a ton of anticipation building up for this game and we’re just as eager to see how the developers from Playground Games will handle an RPG experience after having established their roots with the Forza Horizon franchise.

With that said, there is one individual that believes the game is in amazing hands and that’s the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Speaking on the Dropped Frames podcast, Phil Spencer made note that the developers had set the bar for themselves when it comes to building up this game. Still, the developers know just how important the game is to them so they’ll take great care of the IP and ensure it can deliver for both veteran fans and newcomers alike.

While we don’t know just when this game will hit the marketplace, fans can go back and enjoy the previous installments from the likes of Game Pass. It could give players a chance to familiarize themselves with the gameplay and lore for the next installment, but again, we’re left wondering if this new game will even have any connection to the earlier video game releases.

Source: Gameinformer, Dropped Frames