Telltale Games The Walking Dead Protagonist Is Getting A Comic Book

Telltale Games has been one of the more popular adventure game developers for a previous couple of generations of consoles. They delivered a modern take on the point-and-click adventure-style gameplay experience. Because of their success, the studio was able to obtain several different iconic IPs to craft up a video game adaptation. One of the biggest if not the biggest success the studio had was their time with The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead was such a massive hit worldwide from its humble roots of a comic book series to being adapted into a variety of television series. It only made sense that we received some video games as well with Telltale Games offering players a look into a new group of characters experiencing their hardships in a world that’s been turned into mayhem. Here the game mainly followed a single protagonist with characters following along from season to season. I’m of course referring to Clementine, a character we watched go from a young little girl to a young adult in a world filled with the undead.

While Telltale Games didn’t last very long, the studio did start the groundwork for the last season of the game. Our concluding storyline for Clementine made it through two episodes out of the season’s dictated four-episode run. Fortunately, fans were able to finish the game when Skybound stepped in and brought the remaining two episodes out into the marketplace. Now it looks like we are going to see Clementine step back into the limelight for a comic book run. 

Robert Kirkman was responsible for The Walking Dead comic books, but since the series had ended already, it looks like there is a new storyline being crafted up through author Tillie Walden. We’re not entirely sure just what the storyline will feature outside of where the game narrative left off, which was Clementine with a group of teenagers that have been battling to survive and take care of their own. 

Source: Skybound