Tekken X Street Fighter Game Is Not Cancelled After All

Tekken X Street Fighter is a game that we’ve known about for quite a few years now. This video game was first announced back in 2010 during San Diego Comic-Con. Overall, as the name suggests, this is a video game that would feature a crossover between two big fighting video game franchises, Tekken and Street Fighter for one ultimate 3D fighting video game release for fans of both franchises. Originally the title was slated to launch for previous generation consoles, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but as the game development progressed, it was eventually moved to last-generation console platforms. That was until it went into development hell.

We knew that the game was in the works over the years but we haven’t seen any new details about the game for a little while now. A producer for Bandai Namco, Katsuhiro Harada, has stated that he would still like to see the game release but was uncertain if there was any pathway that would allow it to launch from both a logical and business standpoint. This game may never be released but there are plenty of fans hoping to see this game hit the marketplace. 

While the game was more or less at a halt in production for years, there wasn’t any confirmation that the game was killed off. However, there was a comment from Tekken head Katsuhiro Harada that went viral yesterday. After a comment was made that unveiled that the developers had finished about 30% of the game before things were halted. The statement also seemingly translated to the game was scrapped.

After fans blew this comment up, Katsuhiro Harada was quick to jump back in to clear the air. According to Katsuhiro, this game is not scrapped but merely halted right now. While this game might never release into the marketplace still, it doesn’t look like the crossover title is out of the question just yet. Hopefully something new pops up in terms of the game entering development once again.

Source: Twitlonger, Gamerant