EA Motive Is Reviving A Past EA Franchise

EA is a massive video game company with plenty of teams and studios under their control. As a result, there are a ton of different IPs that they can experiment with. Of course, there’s that means some of these franchises end up being dormant with fans having to wait and see just when or if this franchise would ever get picked back up. Now it looks like at least one franchise is getting dusted off and brought back into the marketplace in a new revival release. Unfortunately, we won’t know just what this IP will be until next month.

There’s a new rumor circulating online that EA Motive will be unveiling their next project to the masses during the EA Play Live event that is scheduled for July 22, 2021. This is coming from GamesBeat who made note that a project they are familiar with will be unveiled during the event and best of all it’s a revival for an IP. While there are bound to be plenty of fans that will be ecstatic, we’re not entirely sure just what IP will be brought out into public. 

What we do know is that EA Motive last released Star Wars Squadrons, which was a big hit. That was their first big title developed outside of helping out with the development for Star Wars Battlefront II. Whatever this revival game ends up being will hopefully showcase the talent from the studio in a big way. Although, as mentioned, Star Wars: Squadrons was a success so here is hoping that the next installment will continue to bring out a big hit for this team.

For now, a lot of the questions surrounding this game are just what franchise it’s attached to. One of the more popular EA games that have been dormant for a few years now is the Dead Space IP and it’s obviously the front runner for plenty of fans for this upcoming title. Unfortunately, the only thing we can actually do is wait for the July 22, 2021, EA Play Live event to happen where we’ll get this big grand reveal. With that said, there is a spiritual successor of sorts coming out in the future with The Callisto Protocol so it will be interesting to see just how EA Motive’s potential release compares.

Source: VGC