Star Wars Battlefront 3: Could Episode VII’s New Stormtroopers Appear in the Game?

Last week we saw some allegedly leaked images of the redesigned Stormtrooper helmet in Star Wars: Episode VII and while Star Wars: Battlefront isn't directly tied into the game, the overhaul may be seen in DICE's shooter. 

We know EA "would like" to release the game close to movie, meaning late 2015, and it's entirely likely that elements of the film, including these new stormtroopers, will make an appearance in either the campaign, online play, or as part of a DLC. 

Our partner YouTube channel Battlefront News! has put together a video looking at the new stormtroopers and snowtroppers as they will supposedly appear in the movie. 

The images have yet to be verified by anyone actually in the know and most fans agree they leave something to be desired but it is worth pointing out that Episode VII is set 30 years after the original trilogy so it makes sense that there has been some changes.