Demon’s Souls Remake PS4 Demo Build Might Have Been Scrapped PS Now Port


Lance McDonald who has been a credible source in the past has made note of his speculation on the Demon’s Souls PS4 demo build that was recently discovered. According to Lance, the build is more likely a port of the PlayStation 3 version of the game since this build was added several years ago. With that said, it’s likely something that was crafted up for internal testing to get Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation Now service before being scrapped and picked back up for a remake on the PlayStation 5. 

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When it comes to the state of gaming right now, there are plenty of video game titles being released or slated for a launch shortly. After all, we just had E3 which came with different video game announcements and updates. However, for those of you looking to jump into the latest generation of console gaming, there is a big hurdle that you’re forced to deal with and that’s the lack of actual console units.

Every new video game console platform comes a plethora of fans eager to get their hands on a unit. It can cause some stock to be shorted out and forced into dealing with plenty of obstacles in obtaining a unit, but over time some consoles end up finding their way on store shelves. This leveling out in terms of having stock available doesn’t take too long but it’s a process that most will have to deal with when it comes to any new hot ticket item. Unfortunately, things are a bit different this time thanks to 2020.

With the world going through a pandemic and essentially shutting down jobs worldwide, it was a tough time getting units made. When consoles were made and sent out to store retailers, they were quickly purchased up, with quite a few of them being from bots that took control of stock for resellers to flip. Naturally, this has frustrated quite a few consumers out there and even company heads as well. Still, for those that have obtained a new console, there are some scarce exclusive titles available. For instance, the PlayStation 5, there was one big winner for the title at launch and that was the Demon’s Souls remake.

Demon’s Souls has a massive fan base and fortunately, those that missed out on the game when it originally came out could get another chance of playing it. However, it’s a problem still for players that can’t get their hands on the PlayStation 5. Now a new rumor is coming out that there is a PlayStation 4 demo available for Demon’s Souls in the PlayStation database. We’re not sure if this is a demo that will come to anything for the general public like a port, but only time will tell.

Source: Gamerant, Twitter

Source Update: Gamesradar, Twitter